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To see a decent quality reproduction, contact the original photographer.
All photos by Clive Rose, except where indicated.
Chassis awaits coating Transverse installation, chain drive rear-end Rear-end Rear development Rear development
Buck under development Chassis awaits build Rear-end covered in fall-out from bodywork Fabricated aluminium rear module Chassis awaits build
Right sidepod buck in progress Front buck under development Front buck in progress Front buck Rear buck
Front mould in progress Front mould in progress Neil tries the cockpit for size - Mallory shakedown Gary fiddles with Neil - Mallory shakedown Mallory shakedown - first run
Mallory shakedown Mallory shakedown Trig -  "Can I have a go. Please." Designer displays paunch at Silverstone In-line installation, shaft-drive rear-end

These photos by Steve Jones +44(0)1905 641715
Paradigm teases Radical into Luffield Paradigm shows Pat Murphy how fast Quantum shocks can go around Luffield
Paradigm shows Radical faster way around Mallory
Neither the thumbnails nor the blow-ups, as viewed on this site, do justice to Steve's excellent original photos.  If you'd like a high-quality image, please contact Steve direct, either on the above phone number, or by clicking on his name to send an eMail.

These photos by Guy Hill
Paradigm on P2, first outing of 2001 Paradigm on P2, first outing 2001

These photos by Neil Burroughs
2001 Paradigm. Last outing with chain-drive   Artist Neil's impression of new nose Neil's impression of droop-snoot

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